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Video Learning Center

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February 18, 2018
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Contact Lens Fitting

For patients who are new to contact lenses, we provide a thorough training session in the proper cleaning/disinfection, handling, and insertion and removal of contact lenses.  After you have become relatively comfortable handling the contact lenses, Dr. LaPierre or Dr. Sharpe will evaluate the physical fit of the contact lenses on your eyes to ensure that they pose no risk to your ocular health.  If all is well at the conclusion of that appointment, you will be able to leave the office wearing your new contact lenses.

Your next appointment will be in one or two weeks where Dr. LaPierre or Dr. Sharpe will be able to address any concerns that you may have and make the necessary changes.  Once the fitting process is complete, you will be free to order your contact lenses.

For patients who already wear contact lenses, you may be able to have your contact lens prescription updated on the day of your comprehensive eye examination provided that there are no major changes.  If major changes need to be made, one or two additional appointments may be necessary to determine the perfect contact lens fit for your eyes.

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